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Berlin’s R50 Baugruppe is a Model of Living Affordably, Collectively

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Verena and Christoph, by FA

The world’s cultural and economic capitals are becoming more crowded and costly to live in at the same time as changes in the family structure mean a generation of singles, boomers and non-traditional families are thinking anew about how they want to live.
On KCRW’s recent trip to Berlin we found an intriguing solution to both challenges: Baugruppen (building groups).
These are collectively built residential complexes in which …

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Does ‘Avenel Cooperative’ Offer Clues For Cohousing in the Future? Rick Corsini has Answers

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3- Avenel - 3 (2)

This DnA explored Baugruppen, the Berlin-based cohousing projects that are filling a need for affordable home ownership coupled with living in a semi-collective way.

It’s an inspiring model that prompted us to ask: could it be realized in LA?
One of the guests who gives a qualified yes is Rick Corsini, principal at Corsini Stark Architects.
While his own firm has explored ways in which to build relatively affordable homes in pricey …

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Berlin Board Games Have Fun with the Cold War and Poolside Competition

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On a lovely street in the now chic Friedrichshain neighborhood of former East Berlin, lies the world’s first board game cafe called Spielwiese. If you aren’t familiar with board game cafes, they are spaces where people can buy, rent, play or in some cases even design their own games.
“When I started, my place was the first of its kind: a gaming cafe where you …

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Could “Compact” Replace “Small Lot” Homes in LA County? Ask Ric Abramson

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Ric Abramson, principal of WorkPlay Studio

On today’s DnA we talked about Baugruppen, the Berlin-based cohousing projects that are filling a need for affordable home ownership coupled with living in a semi-collective way.
It’s an inspiring model that begs the question: is it realizable in LA?
One of those who has investigated the possibility is Ric Abramson, principal of architecture firm Workplays Studio. He and three friends looked into the viability of growing …

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5 Design Things To Do This Week

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Your week in design events from DnA.

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Craving a Truly Exotic Beach Destination? Head to Berlin

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Berlin may not have tropical weather, but it nonetheless boasts some of the most intriguing beach spots.

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The Noun Project Signals The Power of Visuals Over Words

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Edward_Sofya copy

Edward Boatman and Sofya Polyakov have crowd-sourced a visual dictionary.

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5 Design Things To Do This Week

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Your week in design events from DnA.

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Is it Goodbye to the Griffith Park Teahouse?

Posted July 16, 2015 by | 4 Comments
Griffith Park Teahouse, photo by Jeff Adams Ingels

One of the delights of this summer has been the appearance of the Griffith Park Teahouse, a meditative space built on an existing concrete pad in a remote corner of Griffith Park, near Dante’s View. But its pleasures may be short-lived as the Department of Rec and Parks plans to dismantle it, by as soon as July 27.
The teahouse was constructed covertly by an anonymous artists collective as …

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7 Takeaways from the So-Cal Lawn + Landscaping Dilemma

Posted July 16, 2015 by | 1 Comment

Now it’s official; goodbye to the lawn. New rules aimed at limiting the amount of water used in outdoor landscaping say that starting December 1, 2015, only 25% of your yard can be lawn. Translation: the California suburban lawn is on its way out, and owners of new homes will have to get accustomed to a new style of California landscaping.
But debates rage on over how to have a virtuous (and …

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