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You Can Win an iPad
You Can Win an iPad

Would you like to be one of those people relaxing on the sofa, perusing the iPad that rests comfortably on your lap? You have the chance to fulfil that cleverly branded fantasy if you become a member of KCRW today, because every new donor is entered into our Daily Sweeps for a new iPad 3G! Call 1- 800 600 KCRW or go to

And if you want to hear a very enlightening conversation about the iPad, Apple-worship, and branding, listen to this DnA, with guests Andrew Blum (who bought an iPad with his PC-loving dad — and dad ended up keeping it!) and Sasha Strauss, marketing whizz who plumbs the emotional power of must-have products.

  • So, who won today's iPad??

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    You might want to be aware that there is currently no functional iPad app for KCRW.

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