Last Few Days Of Hedi Slimane Show at MOCA: Fashion “Confused With” Art?

At the end of his review of “Best in Art” in 2011 review, LA Times art critic Christopher Knight wrote that in his view the “worst development” of the year was  “the institutional confusion of fashion with art.” This after the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” show at the Met attracted over 660,000 people, making it their eighth most well-attended show, ever.

Clearly MOCA is not daunted by such a charge, as its director Jeffrey Deitch readies for his third exhibit of fashion by California clothing designers with an artistic vision. It will be about the marvelous work of Rudi Gernreich, and follows displays at MOCA PDC of ethereal dresses by Rodarte, and, currently, the photographic and fashion fusion of Hedi Slimane. The latter closes soon. KCRW’s Abe Rivera visited the show, and wrote this:


New York Cityis known for its abundance of artists and culture, but Hedi Slimane seems to argue that California rivals the obvious in his first west coast solo exhibition, California Song. Focusing on artists, musicians and young urbanites, Slimane captures a seductive vulnerability and elegance in his sometimes-unlikely subjects. He pairs his subjects with mirrors and objects or architecture as to create a narrative giving insight to the subjects at hand. His signature high contrast black and white style sheds a new light on theCalifornia lifestyle.

The exhibition is divided into two rooms. A white room, which includes a labyrinth of stacked photos, mounted on plywood and a black room, housing the highlight of the exhibition – a wall-to-wall cube that projects more photographs against an ethereal soundtrack performed by No Age.

Hedi Slimane: California Song runs through January 22nd at theMOCAPacificDesignCenter.


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