• Mary Jackson

    I. LOVE. IT. very sleek and cool and completely understated.

  • David Reinwald

    Old school classic.

  • A W

    Old school, but probably too hipster to become a timeless classic.

  • Eric Kintler

    i’m glad it’s not the 90s anymore. rip grunge/goth typography.

  • Mick


  • DP

    Agree it was time for a logo font update. The new logo is distinctive, but I’m not sold on it.

  • James Glover

    I like the old one. I must be old, set in my ways, and boring. My vote is OLD SCHOOL! 🙂 I actually checked my computer to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day, I’m serious. Don’t do it. Light blue? No.

    If you do decide on the new logo, I will still love you.

  • Judith

    Hmmmm… would have hoped for something more interesting/original/not-so-hipster..

  • Geoff Chandler

    I was just reflecting on your current logo today… I thought it looked very NPR weekend… Craft show in a way. The new one is very Portland skate shop.

  • Frank

    The current one is better

  • Kenny

    I get that it’s supposed to be a stamp, but the differences in thickness of the inner circle bothers me. The way the right part is thicker, could the KCRW in the circle be leaning to the left (Heyo!)? Still an improvement over the old one, but well, you did ask for what I thought …

  • Alon Alexander

    Really goood,I think you have to a lot nof knowledgw of Logo desigin,It’s not a easy work it’s very hard and smart work to logo creation. I am empress your thought.

  • Frances Anderton

    Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming. x Frances

  • Digging the off-centered circle and typography but still feels like the broadcasting component of KCRW is not represented. Otherwise, it’s two circles and some type. Where’s the meaning?

  • henry

    The new one is generic and forgettable. Sad to see the old logo go go go…

  • David G.

    I applaud the effort, but I think the new “stamp” logo cheapens KCRW’s brand, or at least diminishes the value/relevance of most of its excellent programming. It’s a fine, albeit underwhelming, representation of the music programming (which, of course, is also excellent); however, as to ATC, WWLA, TTP, The World, and my personal fave, LR&C, it’s a total mismatch. Even as a surf shop/music station logo, it needs a different font IMO.

  • Bruce

    Didn’t Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce already use this for a Lucky Strike update?

  • Trevor Downie

    Much better than the last one, however, it looks like it represtents a radio station that mainly promotes ska concerts to teens in suburban Orange County. This is not what KCRW does. I liked the logo that came with my membership card. It was simple and didn’t pigeon whole the brand. Still, instead of being 20years outdated, now it’s only 10years outdated. :-/

    • Jmaharry

      Heheheh. Exactly, Trevor.

  • Trev

    Loose the stamp texture and outer ring and it’ll do just fine.

  • Jmaharry

    This has all the hallmarks of a decent logo except originality. And that’s a pretty important hallmark. As you point out in your post, it’s trendy in the shallowest way possible.
    Moreover, it doesn’t integrate well at all with KCRW’s web presence, where it’s merely “stamped” on top of a chaotic, hard-to-penetrate home page.
    In fact, given the haphazard state of KCRW’s digital assets and identity, the last thing you need is a new logo. Please, hire a firm or a consultant that will bring some degree of focus and cohesion to your content, and a sense of the intelligence, taste, and community commitment that animate your brand.
    You and your members deserve a brand and digital presence commensurate the brand’s fantastic and endlessly fascinating content. And that reflect just how valuable KCRW is to our community.

  • rafaelmacho

    Bye bye old logo! It served well for a while, but definitely looked old now. It was feeling eclectic and radio station, which was great. As for the new, it reminds me a little bit the “Lucky Strike” cigarettes logo, which was a very well designed logo. But I admit it’s easy to give some criticism to any logo, there always going to be a logo that look similar. The grunge texture and offset circle is going to get tired within a year or so. I would have rather keep the logo clean and play with the environment where it will live and have fun there if the show or event allows it.

  • Yames Saves

    Boring, nothing special.

  • Ana
  • Susan

    Boring – keep the old logo!

  • Worst Logo Ever…

    Another Jennifer Ferro failure…

  • Wow

    KCRW General Manager on air today “I know nothing about design.” “I got to use my experience, my expertise which is: I like that, I don’t like that.” – touché

  • Charles Carney

    I’m sorry, but it reminds me of a pack of Lucky Strikes.

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  • Diana Lawton

    I love it. It’s clean but with a nice break from Helvetica on white.