[Giveaway] Tickets to IndieCade, the “Sundance” of Gaming Festivals

Bloop, shown left, where 2-4 people chase colored squares that get smaller and smaller, while tripping over each other’s fingers, is just one of the small, smart, fun and sometimes beautiful, games that are being produced by independent game designers for solo or group play, increasingly for use on smartphones and tablets.

The game is one of 36 finalists out of 80 or so interactive games — mostly digital, some analog — that will be shown at IndieCade (October 4-7), the Culver City-based indie gaming festival that was founded five years ago has become the go-to festival for people looking for video games that offer something different and special beyond violence and big budgets.

On this DnA, we talk about IndieCade, and what’s involved in being an indie game designer, with guests Stephanie Barish, founder and CEO of IndieCade, and with Sam Roberts, the festival’s director.

We are also giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the event! Just drop us a comment below! Tell us about your favorite


Prize: Two tickets for you and a friend to attend the IndieCade: Leave a comment, let’s talk about what we love about our mobile games!? Do you get pulled in by the icon art? Or inspired by a consumer review? Share your favorite games, or tell us what compels you to download a mobile game?

Then send your friends back over to give you the thumbs up! The comment with the most number of likes will win the tickets. Deadline: The comment with the most number of likes by the end of the work day (read 6pm) on Friday, September 21 will get the tix. Please leave your email in the appropriate box so we can contact you with details!