Esther McCoy V Orange County Pinball: You Choose

If it seems unusual for a deceased California architecture journalist to be in a titanic confrontation with some  Orange County pinball players, well, it is. But journalism has changed a great deal since the  days when Esther McCoy carved out a calm and clear voice, and a lifelong career, writing books and journals about Socal Modernism, without worrying if her articles got thousands of “Likes.”  

Now she and the women who have been reviving interest in McCoy’s work are the subject of an article I wrote for KCET’s new Artbound. And that article is competing with one about the resurgence of pinball mania; whichever gets the most votes will be covered in a video produced by Artbound. Having loved playing pinball myself, I realize this could be a hard choice. But if you value McCoy, click here, and give her your vote.