DnA Design Pick: Stefan Bishop’s Handcarved End Table


Stefan Bishop abandoned a career in real estate development in the midst of a personal and financial crisis to reignite his passion for art and design. His studio is based in Glassell Park near Mount Washington and there salvaged wood from fallen trees and waterlogged sunken ships serves as the material for the sculptural and functional art pieces he crafts by hand. Mallery Roberts Morgan of the Hollywood Reporter, French Architectural Digest and DnA, hails his pieces as “noble and beautiful” objects, of the kind that interior designers use as visual fulcrums in a room.

DnA’s latest design pick is a handmade, limited-run end table by Stefan Bishop, carved from a single block of locally salvaged wood. Exclusive for KCRW, this piece is a manifestation of Stefan’s labor-intensive, crafting technique. The texture is derived through a burning process, dyed black/brown and finished with hand rubbed linseed oil and wax.

The end table is available for purchase at the KCRW store. To hear more about Stefan’s artistic journey and creative process, listen to DnA’s story.