Craig Hodgetts: Avant-garde Music Fetishist

Tune in today to KCRW’s great Guest DJ project, produced by Rachel Reynolds, and hear from architect Craig Hodgetts talking with DJ Jeremy SoleHodgett’s firm, co-founded with partner and wife Ming Fung, designed the installation for LACMA’s current show, Living in a Modern Way, and according to Good4NothingConnoisseur Bennett Stein, modernity is central to Hodgett’s musical taste:

“What people don’t know about Craig Hodgetts is that he is a hard bop jazz cryptoexpert. Every time we do dinner at his and Ming’s futuristic bachelor pad, Craig is playing some rare Miles Davis, Thomas Stanko or Jackie McLean super fine rare groove track, and on vinyl, no less.

Not only does Monsieur Hodgetts dig freshly rediscovered hard bop treasures on vinyl, he also is an avant-garde music fetishist. He’s mad for Brian Eno and various permutations of Eno sound scape atmospherics. You hang with Hodgetts long enough you start to think, or come to know, that jazz and avant-garde music IS architecture, and while I’d always thought so, Craig Hodgetts proves that there is hope for architects to one day get their jazz freak on.”

Here’s a snippet from today’s show.

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  • I will get into a more in depth answer later.. but I am laughing cuz I just discovered these guys last week myself! I was doing my periodic Youtube link surfing and was going through a batch of Prog and Power Metal bands.. found these guys and favorited a few!

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