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Look Down, Not Up: Ad-bearing Drones Sputter over Downtown

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Drones and their pilots in search of a launch pad

KCRW got tipped off that Art Center College of Design was planning a publicity stunt Thursday involving drones flying around the corporate towers on Bunker Hill. It is part of an ongoing campaign to convince unhappy human “drones,” shackled with “practical” jobs like lawyering or finance, to go back to school and study a creative trade.
The concept was for worker bees to view, through their hermetically-sealed windows, a moving …

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L.A. Designer: Warren Techentin Builds an Open Cage in Silver Lake

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The latest installation at Materials & Applications is La Cage Aux Folles, a steel “cage” designed and built by architect Warren Techentin in collaboration with a largely volunteer team of designers and makers. The cage explores the contortionist possibilities of steel. But it also explores ideas about confinement (gilded birdcages, and prisons) while serving all summer as a very open stage for performance and for play. DnA talked to Warren about a structure that has become a summer gathering place.

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L.A. Recreational Water Use By the Numbers

Posted August 19, 2014 by | 3 Comments

Recreational Water Use in L.A., by the numbers.

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L.A. Designer: Howard Cummings and Ellen Mirojnick Create The Look For The Knick

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764100_KNICK103_092913_MC_0015 (1)

Howard Cummings, production designer, and Ellen Mirojnick, costume designer, last worked together on creating Liberace’s glittery world for Behind The Candelabra. Most recently they got down in the muck and marvels of medicine at the turn of the last century, creating the astounding look for Steven Soderbergh’s new show The Knick.
It’s a look that both supports the characters ­­and gives us an enthralling window into …

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Keep Off The Lawn: Griffin Enright Stats Revisited

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This week’s DnA asked why the Slide The City for downtown Los Angeles has become the target of drought-shaming while millions of gallons go unchallenged on other forms of potable water-based entertainment. The show talked about comparative use of water in LA’s archetypal pleasure places including swimming pools, water parks, golf courses and even restaurants.

But it didn’t get into the other big water-guzzler, the Socal lawn.

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Should the City of 43,123 Swimming Pools Say No to “Slide The City”?

Posted August 19, 2014 by | 2 Comments
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 4.52.22 PM

A proposed Slip ‘n’ Slide for one day in downtown promised to be an entertaining urban intervention. But it has brought on howls of drought-shaming — even as millions of gallons are poured on water parks, swimming pools and other water-based leisure activities in Los Angeles. Should we be careful of environmental moralizing? And in a drier future, where will we go to cool off?
That’s …

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6 Southern California Schools with Fascinating Design Stories

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Photo by Takashige Ikawa / Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects

Retrofits, a Neutra school by the sea, and a building designed by blindfold-wearing architects are among some of Socal’s fascinating campuses.

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5 Design Things To Do This Week

Posted August 11, 2014 by | 1 Comment
ACB at Wilshire

Your week in design events from DnA.

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Top Gun Actor Discusses Playing a Drone Pilot

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drones top gun poster

Remember Top Gun? Remember Tom Cruise’s all-American beach volleyball-playing, fighter pilot heroism? Well, the image of a tough guy pilot has evolved. Today’s world is one where you can kill with the push of a button from a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned room.
This brings us to Drones, a 2013 film that tells the story of two soldiers who are given the task of tracking a …

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L.A. Designer: Judy Kameon Designs Drought-Conscious Gardens

Posted August 6, 2014 by | 1 Comment

An Elysian Park-based designer talks about how to design gardens during a drought.

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