Simon Doonan decodes political spectacle

The Democratic and Republican conventions differ in substance, but they create a similar spectacle. In studying the clothing and staging of the 2016 conventions and the candidates, humorist and fashion observer Simon Doonan says we must ask, “what are these people doing in order to manage our perceptions about them? They are carefully orchestrating their appearance.”

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Keep Off The Lawn: Griffin Enright Stats Revisited

This week’s DnA asked why the Slide The City for downtown Los Angeles has become the target of drought-shaming while millions of gallons go unchallenged on other forms of potable water-based entertainment. The show talked about comparative use of water in LA’s archetypal pleasure places including swimming pools, water parks, golf courses and even restaurants.

But it didn’t get into the other big water-guzzler, the Socal lawn.

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