Building Their Dream: The Chinese Car Industry

Building Their Dream: The Chinese Car Industry
Image Credit: Arno Maierbrugger/Gulf News

The biggest hybrid and electric car company you’ve never heard of has put down a beachhead in Los Angeles. As the LA Auto Show opens, we’ll hear from Art Center‘s Geoff Wardle and Chao Feng, about Build Your Dreams – BYD — and the exploding Chinese car industry.

Plus, are you ready to have your car parked by a robot? Randall Miller and Woody Nash talk about the automated parking systems that are coming to LA.

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  • Henry

    Almost everything I see to where I sit at right now has a Chinese idea, concept and hard-works. Thus, I am pretty sure that this car industry would do good in making new and high quality vehicles in the world. That might take not so long to pursue their challenges, but let's take it from here. I look forward to seeing their cars distributed not only in the US but in all other places. For now, I need to be contented of the car I bought from a Ford dealer last month.

  • craigwilson

    I wish I could have a new car from a reputable car industry like the ones they have in China. While waiting for this car to be released here, I would much prefer first using a used hyundai for now.

  • This could be more interesting to me. I'm excited to see such robot that parks cars.