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Celebrate Wearable Art with A+D – A GIVEAWAY

Posted March 2, 2012 by | 18 Comments

Celebrate 2012: The Wearable
By Beth Topping
In the world of design, it’s not unusual for creative worlds to collide in unabashed inspiration.  Whether it’s music that gives rise to fashion or visual arts that inspire architecture, our imaginations fly when boundaries are dissolved, risks are taken and bold moves are made.
What IS unusual, is when it all happens in one night, with some of the …

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EAMES WORDS – Eames Designs: The Guest Host Relationship

Posted October 20, 2011 by | 26 Comments

 By Beth Topping
Simply put, Charles and Ray Eames formed one of the most celebrated American design teams of the 20th century.  Their collaborations in furniture, film, photography and textiles drew on their mutual inspirations and a simple philosophy about form and function.  Once, when asked what was more important, beauty or function, Charles Eames famously said, “I should make a choice between keeping my …

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