A Rumble in Faux Fur and Plastic

Yesterday, curator Sylvia Lavin hosted parties at both Fountain and The Artless Drawing. They were a precursor to Rumble, the all-day review of UCLA architecture students’ work culminating in a party tonight, starting 6:00PM at Perloff Hall. DnA volunteer Pavlina Aleksandrova is a student at UCLA and explains why it’s fun to Rumble:  “The 750o square feet exhibit space will showcase installations — made of such materials as paper, pulp, wax, fabric, faux fur and plastic — meant to reinvent the possibilities of contemporary design and architecture.” Students and faculty, that includes the below-mentioned Thom Mayne, Neil Denari, Sylvia Lavin as well as many other leading lights of contemporary architecture, will be on hand to chat with visitors.