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Cars Can Be Exciting: The Tesla Model S, and the Los Angeles Auto Show

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Fiat goes west

It’s that time of year again for anyone interested in cars, as the LA Auto Show revs up with two days of press, starting Wednesday, then runs full throttle for the public starting Friday through December 9. Aside from the “dozens of luxury cars” being introduced on a wave of reported rising consumer confidence, the overriding theme of the show seems to be clean and green, notwithstanding doubts even from …

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The Tesla Model S and the Arrival of the All-Electric Car

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They said it couldn’t be done. But Elon Musk and designer Franz Von Holzhausen have defied skeptics to create an electric car that goes the distance, and has just scooped up three Car of the Year awards. Musk and designer Von Holzhausen talk about designing the Tesla Model S, and creating a California car company in an age of vast global brands.

If you’ve seen the movie Skyfall, you may …

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GRAND ILLUSION: A+D Debates Downtown

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30 years ago Los Angeles’ downtown was given up for dead. It turns out its demise was greatly exaggerated, as evidenced in the explosive growth in recent years. But still, downtown LA is an unconventional urban heart, where the business and cultural district sits atop a lonely hill looking down on residents in the flatlands (the reverse of most hilly cities); where families tend …

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