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Light My Way, Stranger, for the MAK Center at the Schindler House

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Herwig Baumgartner

One of LA’s treasures is the seminal Schindler House by Austrian emigre Rudolf Schindler, now home to the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. But the upkeep of the 1922 concrete house is costly, as is the stewardship and programming of the MAK-owned  Mackey Apartments (1939) and the Fitzpatrick-Leland House (1936), also designed by R.M. Schindler.

Light My Way, Stranger

So the MAK Center has dreamed up …

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Ambition Wins at 6th Street Bridge, Writes FOLAR’s Alex Ward

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Sixth Street Bridge

The City of Los Angeles, with Caltrans, has been looking for a team to design its replacement 6th Street Viaduct. Now they have picked the winner.
DnA has followed this competition since its inception, seeing in it the potential for LA to make not only an architecturally significant piece of infrastructure (who doesn’t gasp at a really amazing bridge!), but also a piece of urban design that will …

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Art and Architecture: A ‘Cosmic’ Fusion?

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The Broad Art Foundation is halfway done. Charles Renfro talks about turning a high-concept design into a reality, and Linda Taalman and Michael Govan discuss the fusion of conceptual art and architecture. Plus, did Restoration Hardware go too far when it knocked off Emeco’s Navy Chair? Marissa Gluck explains the complexities of design copyright.
Banner image: Bennett Stein

Knockoff Artists: How Design Copycats Flaunt Design Copyright

Emeco’s …

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“Teens At the Wheel: A Day in Clay in Memory of Julia” at AMOCA

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WW Pink Bamboo

Two and half years ago a young Los Angeles girl named Julia Cukier Siegler lost her life in a traffic accident on her way to school. One of Julia’s many passions was working with clay; at age 13 she was already skilled in the difficult craft of throwing pots on a wheel.
Now, in her memory, her parents have joined forces with AMOCA, the American …

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A Design Smorgasbord: Saarinen, Grossman, and More at DIEM, A+D, LAMA, PMCA, JF Chen

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One of the many wonderful things about Los Angeles is that politics is not everything. So if you want to shake that debate right out of your hair and be reminded of the optimism of great creativity, take note of the following:
Opening tonight with a party at Moura Starr International is DIEM(Design Intersects Everything Made), a one-day design symposium taking place Friday, October 5 …

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Tempest in a Furry Teacup: A Chat about Art, Museums and Entertainment, at DIEM

Posted October 1, 2012 by | 3 Comments
Uribe show

You’d have to have been living under the proverbial (not LACMA’s) rock to not know that there has been a rumpus in the LA art world recently surrounding the provocative new directions at MOCA.
Along the way it has thrown up all sorts of fascinating questions about art and museums. Who defines them and who are they for? Can art museums be elitist and populist? …

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