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Thomas Heatherwick – Olympic Cauldron Designer Carries Torch for the Art of Making

Posted July 26, 2012 by | 5 Comments

The coup de grâce of London 2012 Olympics’ opening celebrations was the ceremonial lighting of the cauldron, signaling the start of the competition. That spectacle — a piece of pure theater in which 204 copper petals were carried in individually, each by a competing nation, then laid together, and lit by a young athletes who took the torch from soccer player David Beckham. Then the …

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Sonic Trace on Kickstarter: Pink on Green at Grand Park in LA; Olympics in London

Posted July 26, 2012 by | 19 Comments

Just two months ago, we launched a competition on DnA, to find a designer and design for a mobile soundbooth for our new storytelling project, Sonic Trace.
The project garnered lots of interest and since then we found a designer — Hugo Martinez and Christin To (front of the group in this picture at Hugo’s Mat-ter architecture studio) – and they are now hard at work turning their concept …

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Design for the London Olympics: A Very British Story?

Posted July 17, 2012 by | 15 Comments

You’ve heard the stories about missiles on roofs, bad weather and bungling security. On this DnA, we talk about the design story at London 2012 Olympics.
Knowing they could not compete with Beijing’s ’08 extravaganza, Brits opted for a different design approach: modesty over monumentality,  regeneration and reuse (the demountable Olympic Stadium is shown right).
I was recently in London (visiting family) and while there took the …

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Design for the London 2012 Olympics: A Very British Story

Posted July 17, 2012 by | Comments Off

At the London 2012 Olympics Brits have opted for a different design approach than Beijing: regeneration and reuse. How have they done? From “baffling” logos to inspiring “legacy” planning, we hear all about it with Lucas Dietrich, Phyllis Richardson, Peter Whittle, Thomas Heatherwick, Will Hunter, Clive Dutton and Luxmi Ghosh.
For more on this show, including photos, go to the DnA blog.
Banner image courtesy of Wolff Olins


Lucas Dietrich: Thames and Hudson
Peter Whittle: New Culture Forum
Will …

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