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Is The Biggest Transport Story Two-Wheeled?

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The New London Quarterly wrote that this year’s “biggest London transport story was on two wheels:” Mayor Boris Johnson’s cycling scheme for central London, in which 400 Barclays Cycle Hire docking stations have been located throughout the heart of the English capital (this one is off Tottenham Court Road), in a bid to alleviate traffic congestion and pollution. I was a bicycle commuter in …

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Maira Kalman at Skirball, Coy Howard at SCI-Arc

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DnA is not a “journal of record;” regrettably, the show cannot cover every notable design event, new building or book or exhibit. Nor even can the DnA blog, but whenever possible we will draw attention to a must-see or do design happening. One of these is Part II – Whispers and Echoes, the second of a two-part show of work by Coy Howard, the …

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There Is A “There” There

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I write from chilly London (to rainy LA) where I have joined my family for the holidays. London, like other mega-cities, is trying to find ways to remain liveable with its ever expanding population and teeming central city streets. Its preoccupations are echoed in major cities worldwide, including in less dense LA.
This became crystal clear when I was working on the show for this …

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